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The Ultimate K-Series TPS

Designing a TPS unit that can withstand the vibration and harmonics of the k-series motor is no simple task. OEM and aftermarket TPS on the market right now are potentiometric sensor with a brush/rake that will contact the resistive strip and output a signal based on the location. The problem arises with the contact plate […]

K-Tuned 90mm Throttle Body

Big bore domestic throttle bodies have been making their way onto import engines for several years now and it is no secret that getting some of them working properly can be a painful experience. We saw the problems, so we designed our K-Tuned 90mm Billet Throttle Body and packed it with several useful features that […]

K-Series Dip Sticks

K-Series Dip Sticks



K-Tuned dip sticks have been flying off the shelves and it seems they are popping up on every build. Everyone wants that tucked and clean look and it is about time someone brought a dip stick that compliments the k-series valve cover as nicely as this one does.

K-Tuned Race-Spec Billet Shifter!

It is no secret that K-Tuned is in close contact with the drivers of some of the fastest import race cars in the world. So when Spoon Sports of Japan asked us for a Billet RSX Shifter to use in an endurance road race car they were working on, we graciously accepted their request. In […]

More Love For The B-Series

Although our name implies we are K-Series guys, at heart there is still a lot of love for B-Series. It is what started it all. We have had our B-Series shifter out for quite some time now and it has made its way around the world in some of the nicest B-Series Hondas/Acuras. Now, with […]

OEM-Spec / Street Shifter Cables

Shifter cables have been a high demand part in the K-Series community for a few years now. If you are putting together a K-swapped car and didn’t get the shifter cable set with your engine, you can either try to find them used or get them brand new from a local Honda/Acura dealer. The problem […]

B-Series Stainless Steel Clutch Line

Designed to fit B-series and D-Series cars perfectly, this fully stainless steel clutch line with SS fittings comes complete with all the adapters needed for both outlet sizes found on oem Honda clutch master cylinders. This way, no matter what master cylinder you have, our clutch line will fit. It also has properly angled fittings […]

Shifter Heatshield Tubing

Protect your shifter cables from melting and burning with K-Tuned Heatshield Tubing. These 4 foot long and ½” ID tubes are constructed with an aluminized outer layer that is laminated to a braided fiberglass insulation that provides superior protection from radiant heat up 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Each tube split down the middle so it can […]

Accord Shifter Base Plate

The K-Tuned Billet Shifter Base Plate is designed to install a 03-07 OEM Honda Accord shifter box without cutting a hole in the exhaust tunnel of the chassis. This setup is preferred by many racers, esp. road course racers, because it mounts the shifter higher in the vehicle, keeping it closer to the driver and […]


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Honda Day visits K-Tuned

Recently the guys from OGS1320 (The Producers of Honda Day) came up to visit. We gave them a tour of our new facility and showed them behind the scenes of creating some of our very popular items. Take a quick peak behind the scenes and get a little glimpse of where your products come from […]

Honda Tuning - John Veloso's Interview

Recently Honda Tuning released an article dedicated to John Veloso, the owner and founder of K-Tuned (You can find the full article HERE). Most do not know the people who are behind their favorite brands, but thanks to Honda Tuning you can take a look into the man who has made K-Tuned what it is.There […]

Eibach 10th Anniversary Meet

This weekend is the 10th anniversary of the Eibach meet. It has grown a lot over the years, starting as just a small meet in Eibach’s parking lot and growing to one of the most talked about events of the East Coast. Over the years our amazing East Coast customers have always said that we […]

508WHP Orange EK

508WHP Orange EK



508WHP Street Car. That alone would be enough for most but there is so much more to Albert Marty’s orange ek. This car is built of the best parts from the CCW’s up. It was built by an incredible man who we are proud to deal with and have the opportunity to find our parts […]

2014 Eibach 10th Anniversary Meet

This year K-Tuned is making its way down to California to be a part of one of the best West Coast Honda events, The Eibach Meet. We are proud to be a sponsor and able to partake in such a great event. The Eibach Meet has some amazing cars, people, and atmosphere. Every year it […]

Tim Grey Racing - Sponsorship 2014

K -Tuned is pleased to announce that we are once again a part of TGR ,Tim Grey Racing for the 2014 season. For the past 5 years we have been apart of Tim’s race program and consider him the poster child of drag racing. This year We have stepped it up a notch and will […]

All-Motor Record Holder - Jake Gavio

Jake Gavio AKA Mr. 10.0 of TGR / RSTech set the All-Motor Street Class record on fire with a new fastest of 9.74 @ 139mph. At the end of 2013 it seemed like there was no stopping Jake as he made a point to kill the unofficial nickname of Mr 10.0. We can’t wait to […]

Honda Day - Atco 2013!

We are one week away from Honda Day Atco 2013 and things are getting exciting. K-Tuned will have a booth setup for the event so be sure to stop by to say hi and check out all the awesome parts. We are always there to just talk with our customers and show of some of […]

K-Phonix recently had their grand opening and what better way to celebrate, than throw cars on the dyno and see who can put up the numbers. Turnout was huge and the event was covered by a couple magazines and Boost Films SFL. How can you go wrong with cars, dyno pulls, free stuff, and the […]